Our in-depth knowledge and attention to detail underpins our bespoke service. Unlike many other wealth management companies, we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach and we never make recommendations on that basis.

From the outset, we ask you to spend time with us so that we fully understand your exact individual requirements; only then can we use our rich knowledge and experience to create a tailored solution for you.

A recent client survey showed that clients regard us as experts in what we do. We have extensive knowledge and experience gained by working with local, national and international clients over the last 30 years.

We have been identified as having exceptional technical knowledge by leading Private Client lawyers and have been involved in the development of market-leading financial products.

Our expertise covers all areas of the financial landscape including; tax and estate planning, investment planning, pensions and retirement income options, portfolio management, care fees and later life planning, life insurance and protection. Like bees we see your planning three dimensionally. We look after the detail so you can experience the bigger picture.

With great pride we talk about being a business that puts our clients’ priorities first and foremost. We provide a 360 degree client service. We do not simply recommend a product and that is where the relationship ends. Instead it is our role to provide an ongoing 360 degree view of your financial position.

The FPWM hive is directly responsible for all administrative liaison, managing the whole process on your behalf, right from the start.

Our remit is to  consistently navigate the progress of your financial planning journey. We will maintain your tailored solution to keep you on the path to  your long-term financial goals.

Significantly, it is also our remit to safeguard your interest by keeping you fully informed of legislative changes and to make the necessary recommendations to protect you and your investments.

Communication is everything. It is our job to ensure that you understand how the process works and how your tailored plan is constructed.

Jargon-busting is not enough. True clarity means giving you the big picture through robust, detailed and relevant reporting in a format which is tailored for you.

For us, it is only through this level of clarity and engagement that you can fully appreciate the expertise involved – we want you to see how well your plan is progressing.

We provide complete transparency on your portfolio so you can see for yourself the enormous benefit of having FPWM working for you.

Our overall approach is to provide exceptional value and demonstrate it time and time again. This has resulted in long term client relationships and referrals for our business, nationally and internationally.

We have a transparent approach to costs and can always demonstrate value between what we do to enhance your financial position and how we charge for our services. For example, unlike some companies we have a clear up front charge for initial advice, which then allows us to keep long-term charges at the lowest possible rate.

Don’t just take our word for it – we have a track record of clients who are ultimately wealthier through our relationship.

Every action we take on your behalf is done with integrity and to make a difference.

We place trust, honesty, transparency, consistency and high standards at the core of what we do. Our business and every interaction we make on your behalf stays true to these exact values.

This approach has earned us the ongoing trust and respect of our clients, who do not just value what we do, but how we set about doing it.