In November 2017, I was delighted to receive my Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning (and therefore the addition of some new letters after my name!). The Diploma is the qualification required to provide regulated financial advice.

The diploma consists of six exams that cover all areas of financial advice including taxation, investment, pensions, protection and regulation. Five of the exams are computer based multiple choice exams and the final paper is a three-hour written case study which is designed to examine an individual’s ability to provide suitable and rounded advice, underpinned by the technical knowledge acquired from the previous five exams – arguably a good representation of giving ‘real world’ advice.

The diploma is awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) which is an internationally recognised body and the recommended study time to complete the diploma is around 370 hours.

I was fortunate enough to have been supported through the first three exams during my placement year at FPWM which gave me a good head start when I re-joined in June 2016 as a graduate. It was also advantageous going back to my final year of university with a good understanding of personal taxation; particularly useful for an Accounting and Taxation degree.

Many thanks to Alistair and Ian for their ongoing support – next stop Chartered!



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